I originally wrote about this back in august 2019 while fresh in my memory. Since then my old website went offline, and I didnt have a backup. I will try to remember as much as possible from that night and explain through a multi-part series of posts…

August 28th, 2019, 22:00 – 23:30 EST

I remember the date and time like it was yesterday. To be honest it was just a regular day for the most part; Wednesday, August 28th 2019.

Back then I was working in the city with a 2.5 hour commute each way, so I had some down time in between leaving work and getting home. It was a pretty good working day, I had found out the lady who sat opposite me was also into meditating and started on her spiritual journey too. We spoke for a while on various topics and we were both at different stages of our life path. Great! At least one work colleague who I could talk to about this stuff without being looked at like i was a crazy person.

Upon finishing work and finally getting home from the commute, I close the truck door, and started walking on the driveway, only to receive a message;

If you ask your questions tonight, you will get the answers.

I had been asking my guides, angels and the universe for signs. This wasn’t my first rodeo with the CE5 protocol. I had tried previous times throughout the month to no avail, and understood it could take time to work. Eventually I reached back out on the reddit sub-forums and made a friend who helped me with the different meditations, protocols, and what worked for him from the app.

Around 9pm EST I started the CE5 protocols, which involved using the CE5 app and going through a 35 min meditation, then setting my intentions…which is one of the key aspects of all spiritual work. The INTENT. When you open your heart and come from a place of love, anything is possible.

While setting my intentions, I started to play the crop circle tones, which helps the ETs focus on your general location. This was playing for around 30 mins and then I stopped, grabbed my night laser pointer (green laser as to be seen easier at night), and went about trying to show the star people where I was…

While doing dot-to-dot in the sky, I was constantly informing them that It was me, and also to be careful. I wanted a sign, but only if it was safe for them to do so. With the technology our government has (yes, they have a lot which has been covered up) I just wanted the star people to be aware and be cautious.

Laying there on my deck, eyes towards the sky with my laser pointer….man it looked pretty up there! I tried to relax and not think too much, something which is actually pretty hard. Our brains are full of nonsense, and that’s where mediation really helps us. Clearing the mind to be just empty is such a nice feeling.

Then out of nowhere, towards the bottom-right of my eye-line, I see a white orb appear in the sky. It was still for a moment  and then it moved from the bottom-right towards the upper left with a white streak. No sooner than it appeared it was gone. Maybe tens seconds after it vanished, I saw a black military-like aircraft which flew over the exact spot the orb had appeared. It was black, rapid, looked similar to a Aurora bomber and was silent.

There was in total 3 orbs I saw that night; 2 white and 1 orange.  

Apart from the visuals in the sky, with each sighting I sensed the feelings they projected towards me, which was of such high frequency and love, I have never experienced anything like that on this earth. It felt like I was floating on a golden-warm fluffy cloud.

I really wish that everyone on this earth could experience that feeling. I truly believe this is what ascending to a higher vibration feels like (and elsewhere in the universe) from the low-level density of planet earth earth.

For me, the overall night left me with a bunch of different feelings; love, oneness, gratitude, anger, fear, anxiety, the whole package. I had just witnessed the matrix fall apart and went into fear mode. I couldn’t really sleep that night and took me a few weeks to regain my sense of comfort. I always knew something was a little ‘off’ with this planet, and now I know why.


I truly believe we are in a simulation, similar to the matrix movie. In order to wake up and see through the illusion we have to slow down and be open minded. However, its not easy. This awakening was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. Thankfully I had a loving open minded family who cared for me.

With that I will say one last thing…be PREPARED. The CE5 protocol does work, when coming from a place of love and light. Do not go into this with fear or lingering doubts. You need to be ready, because life afterwards can be different. You are seeing the cracks in the illusion and its not easy to digest. We have been conditioned on this earth from being a baby all the way through to death. We have been lied to, our food and water contaminated, and harvested for our energy due to man made emotions; fear, anger, hate, jealously.

Break free…

Once you peak beneath the veil, there is no going back.

Open your heart and become one with everything!

‘Till we meet again,




These are my only notes I could find about that night;

1) white streak, upwards trajectory, bottom right to top left/middle
2) white (could have been a greeny/blue?) middle left all the way over to the right, looooong streak, smooth.
3) orange – pulse, big at first then streak to top left.

1 and 2 had Military Aircraft within a minute of each one – silent, black with flashing light red/white.