┬áSometimes the universe / spirit guides / angels all try to tell us something…over and over until eventually we receive the message. The messages can come in very different forms, such as music, numbers, clocks, car license plates, receipts, bill-boards, tv programs, video games, etc. We are usually so busy we miss them, but when you slow down a little, you’ll see them appear more often.

I have had a few really big messages come through the last couple of years, of which are part of growing spiritually. When to take note and slow down.

At first I was so afraid to open my third eye and see beneath the veil again. I tried to close it and move on. I even tried to go back to the matrix and ignore what happened…but you never really can go back.

Through help and support of my family, friends and my team (spirit guides, angels, arch-angels, ascended masters, and Pleiadean star family) I was able to recover and start ‘trusting the process’ and to have faith.

I leave you with one of my biggest synchronicities. I heard this song, Uprising, by Muse on the radio so many times and never took the time to actually listen to the lyrics. About 2 months into my awakening I finally decided to try and slow down and listen… Thats when I noticed it. I read the lyrics and was blown away.