Contact… the final frontier…as the saying goes.

You have come this far and found this post for a reason. There is something inside of you wanting to get out…an inner knowingness that we are not alone, and never have been alone.

While this post will be based on what works best for me, as always please take away what resonates with you and what does not, discard.


  • Please read my previous post for more information on what happened with my own ce5 contact. 
  • Be ready for your life to change. This can be a truly amazing experience, but it could change your beliefs and life itself. 
  • Always ask for protection. From whatever race/creed/religion/belief system you have, invoke protection. 
  • Try to medidtate and calm yourself before initiaing contact. It helps be to still, calm and have a higher frequency. You get what you put out!
  • Try to plan ahead. The more work you put in the more you’ll get out of it. Pick a day/time and then stick to it.
  • It may take a few times to actually connect. It took me around 6 attempts before working. It was well worth the effort. Don’t give up.
  • Clear Skies! Checkout the weather and ideal conditions are a clear sky with no moon.



  • Chair
  • Blankets
  • Mobile/Cellphone with ce5 app OR ce5 handbook
  • Laser pointer (green in color. to help the ET’s see your position on earth. I like to use it for dot-to-dot with the stars. Be careful of the airspace.)
  • Bug Spray (if needed)
  • Binoculors
  • Yourself with a clear mind and positive intent


Start the process

  • Go outside a few hours beforehand and play the audio tones from the ce5 app (if you have it. if not skip this step).
  • Meditate! Try to at least meditate a few hours before and connect to the innerspace and knowingness. 
  • Open your heart, send out positive loving energy and welcome them. Try to raise your vibration and send out peaceful contact initiation.
  • Set your itentions. Ask them to help show themselves in the earthly realm. Try to set a time and let them know. 
  • Go outside and try the ce5 meditation (app) or try; sirius disclosure and this one.
  • Lay back and show the ET’s your location. Try imaging google earth zooming out from the cosmos back down to your location.
  • Use the laser pointer to helo focus in. Do not shine at anything that moves, but shine it around objects. This is your beacon!
  • Keep emmiting love and light. Asking them to help us make peaceful contact with our planet.
  • Be thankful. Even if nothing happens, say thank you and try again a different time.
  • Even if nothing appears to happen right away, it still could over night, the next day or through dreams. It can take time to fly through space/time! 
  • Be patient and have faith! It will happen. Keep going. Do not give up. Tell yourself it will happen, its just divine timing.
  • Disconnect. At the end of the event, disconnect yourself and wind down.





‘Till we meet again,