This site started out as a fan site, dedicated to the movie…but quickly changed directions so many times I couldn’t keep count. Rather than just keep adding different media/links/info related to the movie, I decided to try and use the site to help be of service to others. Hence on the main page i have included some links to external sites, which i believe can help with discovering the true meaning of life…

Having watched the movie and being into the sci-fi scene, I always believed there was something more to life, and that we’re never alone in this universe…but just part of something bigger. A piece in the puzzle.

The more you watch sci-fi, the more you realize that its not actually all fiction, but somewhat in-between. There’s little tidbits here and there in movies, which are not so far from the truth.

With that said, in late 2019 i had an experience which changed my life forever… If you had the chance to know that life exists on other planets and we are part of the bigger picture. Would you give up the chance to find out? Knowing that the world around you might crumble, and you would see the glitches in the matrix and that you cant go back. Life will have changed forever…

“Once you peak beneath the veil there is no going back…”

Ultimately, finding out this truth became the start of my spiritual awakening. I had to know. I had deep knowingness inside me all along, i just had to start meditating and slowing down to see.

For those who have gone through a spiritual awakening and lost all sense of reality…keep going. You’re not alone and you came here to help others. You signed up for this mission and have a lot to accomplish in this lifetime before moving on.

Today is serves as a reminder, that we all have a knowingness inside of us. We just have to go within, meditate, and believe in ourselves to find it.