It finally happened. After various attempts at meditating under the stars, asking question after question, and waiting…i got my answer. I finally not only saw visible confirmation that ET lifeforms (UFO) do exist but thanks to the military aircraft’s flying by within 30 seconds of the 2/3 viewings, i had it confirmed.

Within a 2.5 hour period, 9-11.30 pm eastern, i had far exceeded and surpassed all expectations i had with CE5 / Meditation. You can actually contact ETs by meditating.

The first time i read about this i was a little skeptical. That by just thinking, asking questions, imaging yourself flying out of our milky way galaxy into other galaxies, asking intelligent life for a visual sign here back on earth and then trying to project your location; that your questions can be heard and also verified.

There are no words to completely summarize and describe what i saw and felt, but here goes…

It was a Wednesday, i was in the office (NYC) and had found out that a friend of mine who sits opposite me at my desk, was actually into meditating and seeking her spiritual journey, the same as me (although at the time i didn’t know i was on a spiritual journey, jut that meditating was starting to work out).

I had only meditated around 2-3 weeks before this, around 10 minutes every other day. I didn’t initially think anything was happening, until my wife noticed a change in my behavior; my anger, stress, anxiety was a lot less then before, almost gone…

So i’m talking to my friend about meditating and just hearing everything she says feels great. I found another like-minded person i can ask for help or guidance on with this meditating business – great!

I leave the office, and after a subway and LIRR ride home, as i get out of my car and walk along the driveway, something is telling me;

ask your questions tonight, they will be answered.

At the time i didn’t know what it was, that voice inside, but i now think this was my intuition. I just knew to meditate as i had been doing under the stars and project my location. I had also purchased a green laser pen, for doing dot-to-dot with the stars, and now used it to reinforce my location.

There is a tool you can also use, called the ET Contact Tool which is available on the google play / iphone app-store which helps too.

This is the method which worked for me;

Sitting upright, back straight on my deck, legs crossed, breathing slowly in and out for 6 seconds each, focusing on the breath. You can also use headphones in your phone with a meditating video to your liking from youtube and turn it up to cover all the outside noises for a good 30 minutes. (there is also a really good video i found on youtube for CE5).

Once the meditation has complete, you should be in a bliss like state, or at least your happy place. Get yourself on the high-end of the vibration scale. This is probably the most important step…you have to emit love and happiness, and believe.

Before you can receive, you must first believe.

Lay back and try to focus on an area where there are at least some stars are visible (i did this when it was completely clear outside and dark). Try not to concentrate on just one particular star but a group, and keep your eyes within the middle of your view (not too high or low as to miss something).

Then if you have a laser pen, try shining it above your location, and tell them this is your marker, your beam, i am here…

Keep asking for a sign, it could be anything, but most times at first they are visual and at some distance…remember its also a trust issue. We don’t know them and they don’t know us. It can also take time, remember they’re travelling from who knows where to earth. Even if they have technology which far exceeds ours, it will take a little time. Its like a ripple effect, a pebble in an ocean. Although something may not happen today, it doesn’t mean it wont tomorrow.

Here’s the kicker; nothing can happen.It took me several attempts over 2-3 weeks of meditating and asking questions. Be patient. Its worth it.

So, here i am, laying down on my deck, doing a dot-to-dot with the stars, and the first visual sign appears. Its a bright white orb, high up in the sky, maybe 1000ft, but i see it. It stays there for a split second, and then whoosh…shoots off upwards into the sky. The emotions i felt were truly heavenly…i felt on a golden cloud, full of love, happiness an excitement, as if they were communicating with me, letting me know they got the message. If you could bottle up the feelings i had and let everyone on this earth feel it, the world would be as it was supposed to be; full of love and light. I will never forget that feeling as long as i live.

A little over 30 seconds go by and then a black, silent military aircraft comes flying over the exact place i saw the white orb. This confirms to me what i saw was real and not my mind playing tricks on me. Then anger kicks in; if the government are hiding the existence of ET life, what else are they hiding (well its actually a lot more, and its to keep the power and control. We have the technology for free energy, clean water and so on, but it has all been suppressed in the name of greed and power).

Another 30 mins later, and i see another bright white orb. This one flies like a meteor across the left of my vision, all the way to the right and disappears. The longest of the sightings. Again, i have the same euphoric emotions and then another black military aircraft flies over the exact spot, again within around 30 seconds of seeing the orb.

At this point, I’m a little cold and overwhelmed, but continue to ask. I’m on a roll and i have time.

Then around another hour later, I get the brightest visual sighting yet. Its towards the right side of my vision, a big pulsating orange orb, closer than the other two beforehand. It pulsates for a few seconds, and then flies upwards, rapidly. No military aircraft this time.

I say thank you, wipe the tears from my eyes (yeah, i couldn’t handle it all, my emotions got the best of me and i was wiped) and head indoors.

Now, I try to evaluate the whole night. Its around 11.30 pm and I’m tired, excited, a little spooked too. So many emotions are at play and I want to sleep but I cant. I’m a normal everyday guy. A programmer by day. Dad, husband, and fixer-of-things by night and weekends. I know what i saw and felt, it happened, it was real. I try to say its my brain playing tricks on me, that if you believe in something so much your brain will “make” you see. Here’s the confirmation for me;

  • Military aircraft flying over after 2 /3 sightings.
  • All 3 sightings in the same area of my back yard.
  • The feelings i felt they projected to me.

I can never go back to seeing the world as it was before. This is the biggest question i have for you;

You have to ask yourself are you really ready to see? Once you peak beneath the veil, you cannot go back.

My world from that day onwards has changed. Do i wish i could go back to bliss-full ignorance, not knowing what if? Sometimes, yes. I see the world in a different light, and also the people in it. It’s a lot simpler not knowing and believing in the government, that there really looking out for our interests. But the fact is, they, along with the rich and powerful are not.

We, humanity as a whole, have to wake-up and awaken to the real world. I have since gone on to experience more things through meditation, of which I will post here, but for now remember this;

We are not alone and have never been alone, and will never be alone.