The site was originally setup as a resource for the movie KNOW1NG (which it does to some point) but along the way has changed track.

Over the course of the years, i found it harder and harder to use the site for anything, leaving it as just an empty shell, which was a waste and money and a good domain name.

Then around August 2019 my world changed forever. To have everything you thought was real or your reality which you perceive, literally split wide open and replaced with question after question, and not knowing how to find the answers. It was overwhelming at best and i didn’t know who to talk to at first. I kept it all in, until i found help…

From that day onward, i see the world in a totally different way, which is sometimes unreal at best. I told myself i need to start writing about it, if not for myself but for others who have had similar experiences so they can resonate and feel a sense of belonging. You are not alone.

I cant really put into words the full extent of how it affected me, just that now i have accepted what happened, and that it did so for a reason.

I now know this; we are not alone in this universe, and have never been, and never will be. We are all one, created with the spark from the creator, god (or whatever you believe in) and that this world was never meant to be, as it is today.

These are testing times for us all, and we must fight back and open our eyes. We must “awaken” if we are to stand a chance against the rulers, dictators, the rich and powerful.

Eternal love, light and oneness will prevail, we just have to awaken to what lies beneath the surface…